Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artistically Deadly

Since the past few weeks news about artists sudden deaths had been in the papers pages.

I don't know if its been coincidents or a pattern of mysterious death toll. I don't know if the kung fu/ kill bill personality was the first row in the list but since then i've noticed there were more who followed after him. There was the suicide death of a sculptor, death of a tv news personality, another actor and so on. Then flash within the headlines of yahoo news the latest on the list was the death of a famous singer, the king of pop.

Death seems to tragic but its a part of human cycle. But death with a sensational appeal may sound so big and drama. The rest of the death list cases were unsolve and remains obscure. some leaves a shock to the world and some seems unnoticed. So whats the real score?

Artist have been dying every bit of a second and i don't know whose gonna be next on the news. I never felt eerie of blaming it to some cult practise or an exchange deal with a soul. But the facts being presented sometimes my speculations can't just stop flying around. What if its the price they have to pay for the piece of fame and fortune? No one knows the truth about there deaths but the list keeps counting.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Lucas Journal

To Lucas and his future children may you enjoy reading this.

Once during my secondary years, in a fine ash Wednesday I sat near two lovers in the church playground.
Then I noticed the boy tried to put his forehead against the girl’s forehead trying to kiss her.
The girl seems embarrass to the people around them tried to resist.
Then the boy who also seems embarrass to the resistance of the girl said:
“I saw a falling star last night and I made a wish, I never thought that wishes would come true,
Not until the moment I found you.”

(continued from the bottom)

December 30, 2009

I woke up with the disembarking sound of the boat. Finally I have reached the Port of Cebu, the start of my real journey. Then I fixed myself and slowly move out from the boat. I take a look at Santiago de Bohol, a small cargo and passenger ship which I always prefer when I travel back to Cebu after a weekend in Tagbilaran, and perhaps my last boat ride for the next two years.

A taxi drove me to Yani’s apartment where I will drop my things and have my nap as I do some few more goodbyes before my flight at four in the afternoon. It was still three in the morning when I reached the apartment and good thing he had handed me the extra key before he had to leave Tagbilaran two days ago.
Yani work at a call center firm from nine in the evening till seven in the morning, the apartment he had rented had two rooms which was quite handy for me.

The sun was shining straight into my eyes that force me to stand up rubbing my lids. I reached for the towel inside my knapsack and walk myself to the bathroom for a shower. Passing thru the kitchen area I notice someone was already there.

“Good morning Yan!” I greeted with a yawning.

Yani had already arrived from work and he was eating two toasted bread with a tea for breakfast.

“Good morning too, what you will do with your few hours here?” he asked.
“Just nothing much, I just need to visit my aunt and the graves of my departed family”, I replied.
“So how was it? Did the both of you talked to each other? Tell me what happened”, intriguingly he was now asking.
I hesitate to think about it for it was hard to imagine, “She didn’t showed up for days…”, the words that slipped from my mouth. Then avoiding the topic I continued walking to the bathroom. “I’ll just take a shower!” I shouted as I was slowly away from him.

After a soothing bath, which was all I need to freshen my memory and to set myself from the idea of leaving, I went back to the kitchen to see if Yani was still there. The place was quite and empty seems like he had made his rest after that light breakfast he took. Without further delays I prompt to what must be done. Two graves to visit and one relative’s house to check. The weather wasn’t quite cooperating, it was gloomy and soon few drops of rain had fallen. I had my jeepney ride refusing Kent’s transportation service and told him to meet me at the apartment by one in the afternoon.

12:54 pm, three more hours before four. I don’t have much time left and I decided to skip lunch, I don’t know what I was feeling from this very few hours, I feel like anxious, afraid and excited. My appetite had lost its fervor. Then my phone rang, I already knew whose the caller, so brusquely I answered the call.

“Are you already there?” the other line asked.
“Yes, I’m all set, I just need to pull out my things and I’ll wait for you outside the apartment”, I answered.
“Good were already near, just wait for a few minutes. Cherie is with me and she had her friend too, Caescent. We’ll dine in a seafood resto near the airport she’ll treat us as your despidida party. Isn’t that great?”
“Ahh.. she shouldn’t have bothered there’s no need for that besides..”, I wasn’t able to finished my sentence when I could hear some one else in the line.
“Hello Lucas! Cherie here, were almost near and I brought Caescent with me, is it ok with you? She said she wants to meet you and she promise not to do any harm”. she said with a giggle.

Right before I could answer I have already seen the car coming so I dropped the call and search for Yani. He was in the living area trying to fixed my things, I haven’t noticed him came from his room maybe I was too busy over the phone to feel his presence.

“So they will pick you up?” referring to the person I have talked over the phone.
“Oh yes, they’re already here. Would you like to come with us? I would love you to meet them.”
“No, thanks! I’ll just stay. Besides I have somewhere else to go after you leave. Just take care of yourself and have a safe trip. Don’t ever forget to communicate,” he said.
“Ok then I won’t force you. Surely I will be fine there, you also take care of yourself and one thing, promise me you would also take good care of her for me?” I said with a smile.
“No problem about that but I can’t always watch over her. She’s in Tagbilaran while I only seldom went home. But for sure I will update you to what she’s been up to every now and then,” he promised.

Kent had already came out from the car and trying to put my baggage at the back seats. Yani also help with the arranging of my things inside the car. When all was set I tapped him at the back, it was my cue to go, it was my farewell.

I seat beside Caescent whose a smart petite fine lady. She seems so nice and even manage to relate with me even though this was our first encounter.

“Lucas, I want you to meet Caescent, my best friend,” Cherie said.
“Oh its nice to meet you at last! Cherie was talking so much about you the other time you had this escapade,” as Caescent started the conversation.
“Too bad you weren’t able to come during that time,” I took her hand and made a shake.
“I’m so glad to meet you also. Something just happened during that time although honestly we were all set to go, guess we just can’t avoid unexpected matters. I hope its ok with you that I’ll go with you to the airport?” she said.
“Its not a problem with me but I guess Kent will complain so much because his car is loaded.” tapping his back.
“Oh sure its not a problem as long as Cherie here will feed us up, right Che?” while turning his head back and stirring the wheel.
“Opps! Kent, eyes on the road!” Cherie push his face forward. “Lucas still have a flight to catch and we don’t want any delays from unexpected things, right guys?” she added.

The road to the International Airport in Mactan seems too far. Our travel in the road was like taking some hours or maybe I just had needed time to slow down a bit for me besides why do I need to be in a hurry?
All I have to do was to savor the time left for me with this crowd because after tomorrow I will be with a set of different company.

We had the finest food the restaurant could offer. Surely I did consume a lot. We had talk so much and at the same time eat more. It was then I realized that somebody was calling my mobile. It’s a long distance call, perhaps from the company that I will be working. Then it called again and as I answered a Filipina girl was on the other line.

“Hello, I’m sorry I missed your previous call, I didn’t notice my phone rang.” I said with apologies.
“How are you there? Your flight will any hours from now, are you already set?” she replied.
“I’m all fine. In fact I’m already near the airport and any minute from now I will be checking in for departure.”
“Then good! You will arrived here by one in the morning, somebody will pick you up in the arrival area. And we’re very sorry you can’t spent your New Year with your family, Its just that you’re urgently needed here.” That was the last words she have said then the line suddenly got cut off.

She shouldn’t apologized for that. In the first place it was my choice to leave soon. Honestly I could opted to have it scheduled at the second week of January but I had it on this date. The sooner the better, I don’t want to prolonged my agony of waiting and I just want to escape away from the hurt that I’m feeling now.

We already arrived in the airport after we had left the restaurant. It wasn’t so busy and only few people were around. Maybe I was way too early for my scheduled flight so I choose to go back to the three persons behind the glass in the check-in counter. We had a few more talks and taking some photographs before I decided to go back to the counter. I glanced back at them trying to memorize their present features.

Kent still resembles this soccer player physique although the few pounds he had gain since he quit the sport are already visible. He had almost the same height as me but he seems weight more heavier. He always keep his hair short and fixed it up with hair gel. We often dubbed him as the gentle giant since for his built he moved to slow due to the ankle pain he got from the soccer days. While Cherie was a round face gal with curly hairs on the sides. Her tan complexion make her resembles more of a true blue Filipina beauty. Still single and searching for Mr. Right after she had the break up with her lover a few years back. She admitted she already gained some extra pounds since the day she started hanging out with me and Kent yet it isn’t still that too bad because she always manage to hide it her flowing dresses. Caescent had this smart look with hair pulled up and keep curled from the back to look more like Chinese hairdo. She was leaner than Cherie and a bit shorter too. Although I just meet her, she seems too known to me because of the stories Cherie told us about her.

The three of them waved goodbye as they disappeared from the glass. I guess they already leaved which made me to continue walking to the pre-departure area. There I found myself sitting in an empty row of seats. I pick up my knapsack and pulled out a book which I decided to start reading. I was now waiting for the boarding time so I busied myself for a while. Few people come to sit on the empty chairs, some asked questions regarding the time flight and the information printed in their tickets which they seem not to understand or able to read, and some asked for directions to the nearest toilet.

After a few hours of waiting, people suddenly stood up from there seats and tried to make a line. I could hear the voice from the speakers in the corner a lady announcing the boarding time for my flight. Hurriedly I keep my book in the bag and stood up as I join the crowd.

I feel very excited at the same time very anxious, its my first time to be away from my country and its my first time for an international flight. I got to seat near the window side which I thought was good for me. I will be flying in the evening and I would love to see the stars outside and the lights of the cities below. Beside me was a Filipino Diplomat from Turkey which I knew by the name of Jovi. We started talking to each other and having to share each owns itinerary. We are both on the same connecting flight to Qatar with a different schedule for the next flight. So with my attempt to practice my socialization with strangers (which I’m not good at) I started asking him some few questions.

“My father got hospitalized, and he needs a certain operation to survive. So as soon as heard the news a flew to Philippines with just a short notice from the office“, he continued as we finished our conversation of getting to know you and were you from.
“Things suddenly differ now a days”, he added as the flight attendant were serving our food.
“The life I’m leaving in Turkey seems difficult already and there are certain things that happened which I couldn’t explain theoretically. Its like a cult are starting to make a war against the ruling government and the safety of expatriates like us living there are being threaten. Then now this unexpected thing happened, my father got hospitalized. Its very hard to leave my family in the country that’s not our own that why I booked immediately a return flight as soon as I found my Dad’s condition was now fine.” We were talking a lot that I didn’t noticed we were about to land in Doha.
“I have been to your province, Bohol right?” he asked.
“It’s a very mystical place and people who dwells there seems to be a flock of chosen ones. Each has its own story and destiny to fulfill”, he stood up to get his thing from the over head baggage cabin.
“And I think your story starts here, welcome to your journey! Just embrace the future that awaits you because there’s no escaping for it” he finished his sentence as a flow of people seems to pushed him forward. I was fixed to his eyes until a bunch of people from behind seems to be pushing each other forward. I realized that I need to move forward and leave the plane, while still confused and astound to Sir Jovi’s words I decided to keep my phase faster and look for him to have his contact info but he is no where to be found. As I descended from the plane there were three con bus waiting to take the passengers to the terminal lounge. Confused which one Sir Jovi took I picked the middle one.

I made the wrong guess. He was no were to be found anymore. I proceed to the counter which may ticket instructed me to go. Gate 8, the pre departure area for my next flight. It was not much hard to find due to the plenty of electronic signs around the area. The plane arrived ahead of time which leaves me to wait for the counter to accept check-in passengers.

Traveling alone is not easy, there are some things that you want to go and can’t be made due to the burdening baggage. One of it was peeing. “Don’t leave your things unattended for our security personnel will confiscate unattended bags for security reasons,” the sign on the wall says. “Yeah I know, terrorism security measures but were will I leave my things? The counter is still close and I need to pee damn! Don’t tell me I’m going to bring this things inside the toilet? Crazy!” I murmured. Without a choice I leave my things in an empty row of seats near to person who was sleeping from the behind. “Noting bad would happen if I’ll leave this for just a few minutes? I’ll just run to the toilet and pee hurridly,” I said to myself.

After I finished myself from the toilet I made a little stroll around the terminal. I was fascinated to see that the facilities this airport have were a bit different from the my country had. This one had a prayer room, a canteen, a calling area, WIFI hub, and a lot more. I see some British and Arabs doing something from there laptops and phones, maybe surfing the net. As I got nearer to my things, I noticed something had been wrong with my knapsack. I run to the seats were I left my baggage and checked if anything was missing. The man sleeping behind the seats was gone and the front pocket of my bag was open. I feel my heart breathing fast as I lean forward to the see the shining piece of metal inside the pocket. Without any hesitation I zipped the pocket thinking how could someone put some precious thing like this to my bag. I looked from left and right every now then to see if someone had noticed me and the shining metal inside my pocket. I decided to keep this thing with me unless someone asked me for this. I couldn’t give this away to the security personnel or any terminal attendant, someone intended to put this inside my bag. Then I checked bag my baggage for something might have stolen from me in replacement to what he had left.

“Checked”, nothing was gone from my side. All was intact and in there proper place. Slowly I walk in to the counter to hand in my ticket, checked in area was already open. They have my stroller bag and a few things and left in my hand was the knapsack I had with the piece of small metal thing inside it. There were only few people in the waiting area or the seats were just few? Only six sitter seats were found in the four corners of the area. One was right below the escalator, one from the left of the glass window and two in the right were the glass door was located. I settled on the seats from the right just between the two person sitting apart. From my right was a black man with full dress and a muslin cap on his head, on my left was a British on a leather jackets and boots. Few minutes then the other seats were also occupied my two Filipino Muslims fresh from Mindanao and a blonde woman was sitting near on the left side seats.

I slowly opened my knapsack to see if that metal thing was still in its place, I grab my bag near my chest so that the glow it gives off wont attract the attention of the people around me. As look around the man sitting at the left seems to give me this conspicuous look which I ignored. Then as I closed the bag the man on my right gives me this suspicious look which send shivers to my skin. I looked back to left and noticed that the man sitting there had stood up and slowly walked near me. I moved myself to right which makes me more afraid because the black man had rose to get a grab of my bag. I hugged my knapsack tightly as the other people sitting across me moved towards me. Then slowly there features were changing. There flesh were slowly flaking revealing some dead and bruised muscles. There clothes were torn and they walked slowly trying to get a grab of me and my bag. They were now becoming living zombies with a desire for flesh and I am there food. I couldn’t do anything for I was surrounded as I curled myself while the nearest one had already got hold of my hand. I was resisting there grasp while some of them were focused on the thing in my bag. I was hopeless to die being eaten by zombies so with all my breath I tried to scream for help. The moment I took a deep breath I got awake. It was just a dream, I fall asleep while waiting for the con bus to my plane. I realized that the people sitting in the benches have already piled themselves outside which leaves alone in the room. In a jiffy I picked up all my things and tried to join the crowd outside.

I boarded the plane and sat near the window area, this time no body was sitting beside me. I looked down to see the beautiful city lights below. The flight was just about forty-five minutes and then we landed. I couldn’t believe myself, finally I’ve already reached my destination, my place for a new start and new experiences. I descended from the plane and took a deep breath to feel the cold breeze with excitement I whispered to the air, “Hello Bahrain!”

Friday, June 12, 2009

Filipinos, how free are you?

Its never new to any countrymen the history of its own freedom.
To each of his own story of Independece every country strive to prove its name to the world.

Today June 12, my countrymen are celebrating the indepence of our nation. It had been a public holiday and everyone is free to savor its time. But mostly out of a break like this thus any ordinary citizen try to reflect the value of its indepence?

Now a days my country is still bound to the influence of its colonizers. The government who tried to run the country have long live failed to give its people the true essence of freedom. Seems like we are robbed off by our rights and had made to move like puppets.

The people in the poverty line will always say they don't have a choice and they need to stick with those who are in power. They need to live and they will never give a damn to the government as long as their life is not at stake.

Is this what we are celebrating?

Ninoy Aquino once quoted that the filipino people are worth dying for, are we trying to prove him wrong?

How many more annomalies do we need? how many violence do we need to have? how many heroes do we need to kill?

Lets stop sitting around and be like a sloath. Lets make some noise, be seen and be heard. But it doesn't mean you need to bring your placards and move around the streets of EDSA. What i mean is break away from the strings that are controlling our lives. Do what is right and respect what is right. With the ability to choice come the consequense of responsibilty. Freedom is not easy but we asked for it. Rizal and his people had done there toil to give us our freedom now its our time to show gratitude by claiming and owning it.

Filipinos will always be Filipinos and freedom will always be our insignia. Let us tell Rizal or Ninoy that they did not waste there life because there countrymen are free like a bird.

Long live our Independence!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Lucas Journal

To Lucas and his future children may you enjoy reading this.

I am Lucas, 23, Male and Single.
There are series of events that leads me to write this certain story of my life experience in a foreign land. These experiences are real accounts of my own or the accounts of Filipino Overseas workers that I have met, befriend, trusted and betrayed.

Chapter 1: Goodbyes, Farewell and Hello

December 29, 2008

I can already feel the cold air of the night, my voyage to Cebu for my departure tomorrow will be just several hours ahead. I had already packed my things and everything was set. Only for one thing, myself. Two days and a new year will unfold, ironically I had to spent it away from my family, away from my friends, and away from the place that molded me as I am. But I cannot leave without seeing the people that matters the most for me, the people that I have spent my happiness and failures.

Riding in my motorcycle Jei, Grace and Me head to Manga District. Unusual, the daily route I took every time I tried to fetch Jei home was silent and quite. The streets were empty of cars and big trucks, they're like giving me my last chance of owning the road and race like hell.

Jei’s Mother welcome us at the door with a frown and semi worry look, her daughter had gone home late again. And it never differs every time she come by to visit the place. Grace and I never bothered to enter the house and on the gate we bid our goodbyes.

“I guess this will the last for this year?” I said with a smile.
“As long as you send us your Dinars every month it wont matter”, Jei said jokingly.

There have been much more to say but I almost ran out of time so with a heavy heart I need to leave the place. I started to heat up the engine while Grace and Jei settled there plans for tomorrow and without further adieu we move straight to Anne’s house.

“Hello!! Good evening!! Is any body home?” we called out for Anne to come out.

The dogs were barking at us noisily that we need to make our presence be recognize. And with a few more calling for Anne’s name she went out in Pajamas.

“How come I never knew the date? And you’re leaving for Cebu tonight?” she asked with shock.

I told her every bit of information she needs and handed her my Christmas gift wrapped in a plastic bag, it was a wooden colored pencil I bought from an antique shop. It had a note that says “color your story and write them down”. Everybody had there gifts same as this one but only Anne‘s pencil was left undelivered. And for the last time in this year it is only now that we had talk with each other even in just a couple of hours.

Lastly, it was Grace turn to bid goodbye. As I dropped her off to her apartment we had this few silly conversations.

“I will really missed you Lu, promise it would be different here when you leave” she said wearily.
“Don’t worry, two years would be too fast and so knows the next day around I’m already back.” I assured her.

Then we hugged each other and say our goodbyes. She’s the last friend that I have seen this evening in the little city of Tagbilaran and yet she was my first crush during our high school days. I couldn’t believe how she had grown so beautiful in all this years and how she manage to find her true love in spite of searching for it from the past five years.

As the boat embarks from the city port, I can see the city’s light slowly fading away until the sight of the place is no where to be found. I am going leave my comfort zone for two years and will strive to survive in a foreign land and with this I don’t know what to feel. Departing wouldn’t be so hard but one person is missing in my goodbye list.

Yes, someone is missing! I always longed for her presence since the day I set foot on Tagbilaran but I couldn’t find her. She never had time for me and its like she avoided to see me leave. I don’t understand her cooping up with missing and I would never will understand her absence. Somehow she leaves me hanging. There are certain emotions that I want to clear up and there are certain questions that needs her straight answers. If she would only ask me to stay then maybe leaving would never be an option.

December 30, 2009

I woke up with the disembarking sound of the boat. Finally I have reached the Port of Cebu, the start of my real journey. Then I fixed my self and slowly move out from the boat. I take a look at Santiago de Bohol, a small cargo and passenger ship were I always prefer when I travel back to Cebu, and my last boat ride for the next two years.

A taxi drove me to Yani’s apartment where I will drop my things and have my nap as I do some few more goodbyes before my flight at four in the afternoon. It was still three in the morning when I reached the apartment and good thing he had handed me the extra key before he had to leave Tagbilaran two days ago.
Yani work at a call center firm from nine in the evening till seven in the morning, the apartment he had rented had two rooms which was quite handy for me.

The sun was shining straight into my eyes that force me to stand up and rubbing my lids. I reached for the towel inside my knapsack and walk myself to the bathroom for a shower. Passing thru the kitchen area I notice someone was already there.

(to be continue...commercial break)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Safe Harbor where are you?

“Go to the world and tell the good news”

Last 2004 up to 2005 an organization in the peaceful city of Tagbilaran has reached its controversy at the same time popularity. It has revoked the doctrinal teachings of the church and even alarmed the faiths of the doubtful.

Ever heard of Safe Harbor? I bet. If your one of those citizens residing in Tagbilaran perhaps you’re aware of the existence of this Health Center. Or if you’re a student, a youth, a leader, a religious faithful or even a tricycle driver you would know where the Health Center is located.

Safe Harbor, no one really knows what it is, what it is for and why it exist. No one even really knows the true issue of why it is being bombarded by the catholic church and its doctrinal followers. But one thing for sure, it takes Tagbilaran by storm. The organization had conducted a lot of different things in the city. It even reached popularity through its FM segment slot. To a place like Bohol and to a city like Tagbilaran it is not yet ready to accept the change, the truth and the facts that the organization is initiating. Shall I say the people against the organization are afraid of change, die hard moralist and narrow minded folks. They never listen and they hesitate to understand. They rule but they never won.

This leaves the organization to fade out in the later parts of 2005, the project is closing and the funding has reach to an end. But for its members the real task of advocating started. Safe Harbor still stands in Ma. Clara St. it’s a wing under UB Family Care Center and still being run by the school. Safe Harbor is still there but its vigorous forerunners and activities where slowly gone. Which leaves the question Safe Harbor where are you?

Ms. Sylvia Doron (the midwife) is still in the Center, presently taking over as head of UBFCC. Still active in the advocacy and running Safe Harbor quietly together with her daughter Donna.

Ms. Grace Granado (the project manager) currently residing in one of the states in America and happily living her life with her partner.

Ms. Joy Auza “Dj Ellewoods” (the peer moderator for college students) happily studying in America after she had grab the opportunity of being a scholar there.

Ms. Che Busano (the peer moderator for high school students) happily married and now based in manila. She’s pregnant and soon to be a mother.

Maam Jas Montes (the project director) still active and supportive in youth oriented organization, more focus in the school administration and still active in the advocacy for children and youth.

The peers active in the organization where now facing the reality of the big world. There pursuing their careers or earning in other countries or perhaps tending their own families. But one thing is visible they are all successful and live life according to what they have advocated. Because advocacy doesn’t ends when you’re out of the organization it just actually begins. Because what matter is owning an advocacy and letting it grow, First step is learning and teaching it, Second is living it, practice what you preach

I am writing this down because I am one of the youths who have been empowered by the Safe Harbor. It caters the very basic human rights that I as a youth is being deprived by the society I lived in. Reproductive Health is not only for the adults nor the specialist, it is for all! I am now in Bahrain and I still found the same problem in each adolescence I encounter. Safe Harbor is there for the youth, to educate, to inform, to practice, to help, to guide and to give voice and Tagbilaran should have been proud to have that. The program may have ended but each teachings and lessons that it has imparted to every youth will always be propagated. It has planted a seed in each of us and now that the tree bear its fruit we need to spread it to the world.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The flight of the Paper cranes

Last week was the 100 days since I made my paper cranes here in Bahrain.
And just last May 22 I had the chance to make them fly (thanks to the “nylon” thread that doydoy brought fresh from the Philippines). It was an insane and illusive task to create a thousand paper cranes just for a wish to come true but somehow out of the thousands I had made a hundred and I never regretted I started that piece.

I once heard from an oriental TV series that making a thousand cranes can grant one wish to the hands who does the toil. Then I researched about it in the world wide web which offered me such profound ideas. I come across to the novel of Kathryn Schultz Miller about a dying young girl who tried to create a thousand paper cranes in hope to stave off her death. I haven’t read the novel but its synopsis inspired me more to pursue my paper cranes.

"An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy beasts (others include the dragon and tortoise), and is said to live for a thousand years. In Asia, it is commonly said that folding 1000 paper origami cranes makes a person's wish come true. This makes them popular gifts for special friends and family.

A thousand paper cranes is also traditionally given as a wedding gift by the folder, who is wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple. It can also be gifted to a new baby for long life and good luck. Hanging a Senbazuru in one's home is thought to be a powerfully lucky and benevolent charm. It is also used as a matchmaking charm for a Japanese girl when she turns 13 years old. She would make 1000 paper cranes and give it to an admired boy."(

I started collecting and cutting the used papers in our office and once in a while a folded them into paper cranes. I can often make 10 in one hour and was trying to be more faster and faster in folding the paper. After 2 months of on and off work I had finished the last piece for a hundred. Then I tried to whisper my wish in the air with desire for my dreams to come true. I know I was childish for believing in stuff like this and I am such a superstitious lad for doing so. But almost for the hundred days that passed a fraction of my wish took effect.

Now my hundred cranes had been gracefully flying in my ceiling reminding me of the hope for the wish that I made. Pretty much it has become an accessory to my room, it had been a great art piece of its own rights. A labor of hope and dreams that one day might come true.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Had a New Companion

Just recently this week I had brought home my new companion.
I was strolling alone in Bahrain City Center when suddenly in the busy corridors of Carefour I spotted this black thing. It was savvy and less expensive which made me decided to buy me my new companion, a black Dell Studio 1735.

I went home by bus bringing with me a big box of laptop. Excited to used it for the first time I unwrapped it and brought it out from its package. It was fascinating! For the first time in my working experience I had bought something like this out of my salary. My laptop was the newest addition to my group since the other March I had already bought my own Play Station Portable equipped with two games.

I am not the techie person of the up-to-date of the latest technological advancement type but I am looking forward to let my group of gadgets grow and be at my service for several years.