Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It also happens here

Today’s issue of the Gulf Daily News (GDN) makes me decide to write and post this blog.
Every morning as I reach the office I always look for the daily issue of the GDN newspaper. Although I don’t always get hold of the paper first since its either my manager or my female officemate got a grab of it to read. In this case I just sit in front of my computer open some files and wait for my turn to read the paper. This morning it was my manager who had read the newspaper first as he go through the headlines he had noticed the picture of a baby in the front page just below the bold letters of the headlines. Then as went along to read the news my female office mate got a look of the picture as I myself stand up to take a peek too. With her curiosity she had read the news a loud.

“A new born baby was left abandoned in the parking lot near Riffa mosque around 3 pm yesterday..

“It is outrageous”, she exclaim after reading the news.

I could never blame her emotion towards to what we just read for it was really outrageous. How can a parent abandoned a child under the summer heat at three in the afternoon? This parents have no conscience. Which brought me back to the truth that even in this country incidents like this also happens. The news would never sound too shocking or too new way back in my country. Every now and then news of new born baby found near a trash can, in the drainage, in a box or what ever place they could put it often find its place in the local papers or in the television. We can never point fingers on whose to blame for we never know the reason for there action but who ever it is to blame one thing is certain the man who does these things had lost its soul in the abyss of uncertainness. Its mind has been clouded and its eyes are blinded, it has numb feelings and its conscience are weak. How can be abandonment in an empty space can be an option for new born children who haven’t bare any fault of being alive in this world?

Just this year I know two friends who are eager and willingly happy to bare a child. But it isn’t there time yet to have one for unfortunately they had miscarriages. Its very pitiful to see a mother denied of a child aside from the medical trauma she had to undergo there is this denial and mourning she had to face everyday until she knows its over.

Ironically, just few days ago one mother I know had delivered a healthy baby boy. As I saw the new born baby when they had arrived home from the hospital I feel this fascination and joy that life had brought to this world. Much more the emotion of the mother, although tired, visibly can’t be contained.

With these I always wonder what fate had gone into the parents who had abandoned a gift of life into there very home, what courage had put them into doing such thing and what emotion they have to outpour to do the action. Life is truly a rare blessed gift for as much as many of us wants it many of us also despise it. It take 3 mothers to give birth to one child, and to every child that is born there is one being abandoned.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cat woman is a Mother

Cat woman is a Mother

A mother’s love is truly immeasurable.

To someone who resembles the name.
This might not be your true story but I hope this will continue to inspire us all as you have continued to inspire me.

Yes! The rumors are true. Cat woman is not just a fictional character from a comic books, she is real. And she’s even a mother, Yes, she’s a mother of two. She is better known as Claire by morning and Catherine when the evening strikes. Lets just say they know her by that name but honestly she has no identity. Heroes keep there profile confidential and its to difficult to spot who they really are and who they are not. Luckily, I got a good source and I’m spoiling some of her hidden secrets.

Cat woman which we will call by the name of Claire is a very talented person. Well, all heroes are talented maybe I should change the introduction. Claire is a very good mother, see not all comic heroes are mother, that makes her different from the rest of the heroes society. She can save the world while tending her children and she can create change while molding her sons. Abel and Michal, that’s the name of her loving sons. They where fabulous children, young and talented like their mother. If only they know how she had worked hard for them they would be even more prouder. She is a creative person and her creativity excels from the ordinary. She had outlived her nemesis with her wits and ability. They can never know that her source of energy are the two sons that she had. They are her weakness and this is what the enemies failed to see. Because a mother would lay her life just to save her children and that is why she had been keeping her profile very low. Its difficult to spot her because she on the go and she seems living like single that you will never knew she already had two children. Very genius of her to keep this truth away from the public’s eye.

See, what makes Claire the real Cat woman? Here I will lay down my proofs.

First, she loves cats. The attribute which can be only connected to Cat woman’s character. Claire had five cats at home and all are abandoned kittens she had picked up from the streets while going home from work. She tends them very will given them shelter and food. She even welcomed them to her family and considered them as one of her children and her children’s playmate.

Secondly, She works from morning till morning of the next day. How’s that? No ordinary person had the extra energy to do a work for more than 24 hours without even resting. Unless you’re some one different or you’re some one who had those extra capabilities. She works as call center service personnel from nine in the evening to seven in the morning. Then after her duty hours she took good care of her children in the morning. Prepare there food, there uniforms and there things. After that she drives them to school while she heads for another job. After another work had been done she can be spotted in her home doing paper works and extra staff. Then she will fetch the children, prepare dinner and teach them their lessons. When the children goes to sleep that’s were she leaves for the call center work. Wonder does she sleep? Well, that what I don’t know. Then where in the schedule is saving the world? Well, you can see some irregularities in her schedule and sometimes at night. Only a superhero knows how to manage a time like this and I can’t even tell how she does this.

Third, like cats she had nine lives. Actually she only have five left. She had died already four times but as you can see she’s still alive and kicking some ass. The first two death was a failure in the relationship. One, with the father of her children and second, with someone who does not know how to show gratitude. Her third death was when her nourished career refuse to grow, it just suddenly died. She should have deserve more than just saving the world. She’s a talented person and extremely capable but I guess she just keep herself humbled. Lastly, her financial income just depleted. That’s the reason why she is now into burglar works. She doesn’t just steal to be rich or be luxurious, she steals to earn a living and to survive. She have two sons to feed and five cats to tend. She had bills to pay and debt to resolve. With a low income from her unfitted job surely expenses will come high. She had five more lives to live and she had no time to waste one anymore.

Lastly, she does not grow old. Its so rare of a person who lived in this world without growing old even plants withered. But Claire as far as I know had lived for years and she is still counting. She may have birthdays but its all worthless for she does not aged. She still looks young and charming, and the way she moves and acts still fits to what generation she is in. I don’t know if cats do live so long? But she do lived her life so well.

No troubles can let a hero down and that’s what I see in her. She fights every nemesis with all her might and power. She lives and survive and yet she saves lives. Cat woman or Claire what ever her name is, she does exist. No wonder from the first time I meet her she looks very intriguing. Behind it all now I know she’s not so ordinary. I am still following her every moves and watching her actions, I am keeping an eye to this hero that most of us does not recognized.(They hide there selves in the shadow and that is why I’m revealing them to the public.) Her secret lives are over because I’m keeping an eye on her. There is a lot for the public to know and learn from and nothing will stop me from exploiting her good example. A mother, a good colleague, a treasurable friend and an extra ordinary citizen that’s Claire, the real life cat woman.

The Penguin

Friday, July 3, 2009

She was the Snow Queen

“Put the sets ready!
Check the flowers
Okey prepare the brides maid!
Escort the guess
Put the trails”,
she instructed her staff.

“Now where’s the Bride? Any one seen the Bride? She should be ready any moment now! The ceremony will start in 15 minutes”, she asked.

Without a response from her busy staffs she decided to search for the bride herself. She checked every where the bride could have gone but she wasn’t there. She was nervous for this particular situation because everything was all ready. The only thing she needs to do was let her walk the aisle and then she got paid. Well somehow she walks the aisle or not they will surely pay her services. But she always loves happy ending even though her own story haven’t got that ending yet.

Then she heard a sob coming from the garden. She run to see who would be that someone hiding from the garden and sobbing. It was the bride indeed as she suspected. Her make-up were all set but gets a little ruin with the few tears that’s coming from her eyes.

“Why are you crying”, Ice asked.

“I don’t know why I’m crying maybe I just can’t believe that this is happening for real” the bride replied.

“Its just normal, Its just wedding jitters as they say”, she comforted.

Ice was a successful wedding planner. She had been in the business for just two years yet her clients where outstanding. She had seen so many brides already, they were all dressed in fancy gowns, bringing there most loved bouquet of flowers and walk down the aisle to meet there prince. Such lovely fairy tales she had witnessed but she could never picture her own wedding. She was astoundingly beautiful, curly length hair, fair skin and lovely eyes. She was a goddess in person or maybe a queen and she can lure any guy to fall down there knees and beg for her hands. But since the day she realized that loved could only bring chaos to her world she decided not to get any romantic affair from anyone, not until she is ready.

“Then when will you be ready?”, Lei asked.

“I don’t know… Its just that its not my priority as of now. See Lei I still need to pursue my career, I need to build my own house, tend my business and save more”, she reasoned.

“But you can always do both? Besides isn’t it nice to have someone who you can share you’re dreams, you’re success, or you’re life?” he insisted.

“No offense Lei but right now I don’t need a guy in my life”, she answered back.

“Okey what if I say I’m gay? Will you accept me in you’re life as a partner? Cheese gay is not a guy right?” he jokingly asked.

“Ha ha..” sarcastically she said.
“You a gay? Come on Lei who will believe you? You can’t fool anyone with that joke and my answer is still a No”, she stressed out.

“And why are still single right now?” she asked back.

“Its just that I’m waiting for somebody who just can‘t make any relationship a priority right now”, he answered.
“And who would that be? Ahem?”, she said with raised eye brows

“Okey Okey… I won’t argue anymore but I will always be here when ever you needed me. You know I can’t resist you”, he said.

“Okey then this conversation is over”, she ended.

Lei was her confidante since college years. He was never into her not until there fourth year. They have been together for several designing jobs and they even both indulge in a cafĂ© work one summer. He had found her really beautiful and charming with an irresistible beauty. No wonder many boys have fallen for her but she was smart and witty, and she’s like the Snow Queen numb and cold. He never truly revealed his feelings for her because when he always try to do so she always sees it as a joke. She never seriously take what he says and sometimes put him down ahead before he could finished what he had to say. She was really a Snow Queen and Lei knows that. Ice had lure so many guys and intentionally or unintentionally she had left them stranded or heart broken. She often complains about the way these guys treated her but she never listens to a word to the complain about her treatment to them. But in spite all of that he always remain beside her seen or unseen because he knows one day her heart will be warmth again and will be open to loved him the way he loves her.

He never knew who she really loves for aside him she also had another confidante who is still waiting for her answers and there were many more. Lei thinks they were all like Kai trap in the Snow Queen’s palace and still looking at there selves in the mirror of reason.

One day Lei receives an email from a certain Mark,

Hi Lei!

Its me Mark, you might not know me so well but I’m one of Ice’s suitors. I just drop by to say Sorry for what I really did to her and I know your angry with me because of the note you have leave in my web page. Its just I really loved her so much but things just got complicated. I don’t know how to handle things anymore. She always gives me hope of being us together but I grew tired of waiting. Then I meet somebody and she had loved me so much that I felt guilty for I cannot loved her back. We were together but my heart still remains with Ice. I don’t know what to do when knew about her. She burst into anger and started to do craps on her. I know its my fault and I’m really sorry.

For now Ice and I were friends again, so I hope you will also forgive me. Somehow it just all happened because I loved her and until now I can’t resist her. I know you loved her too so I’m giving up on her for you. Hope you will take good care of her.



My girlfriend an I just broke up recently. I just can’t keep being unfair to her. She always know from the start that my heart belongs to Ice.

Lei don’t know what to do. “She had made it again! She has been using my email to make her schemes that’s why she asked for my password. How many more guys does she needs to lure?” he asked himself. He realized that all her victims were in misery, there hearts trapped and could not moved on to love someone else including his own. She doesn’t know about it and she doesn’t care.

Then Lei got an offer to work out of the country. He had seen this as an opportunity to escaped her charm and he wished it will worked. She knew about the offer and she was happy for him but inside she knew she will lost a good friend, a confidante that teaches her so will. Lei had been like a teacher to her, his tough words always make her strong. He her personal critic, her adviser, her mentor and lover. If she could open her heart one day maybe it will be for him but like the Snow Queen she was tough . She did not show up when he leave, she did not shed a tear. As if Lei’s absence were nothing much for her and she always thought he is not the only guy. She always have her beliefs that only the toughest deserves her loved and only the true one can share her eternity. She had this test to every suitors she had, that whosoever can spell eternity with there tears will be set free from her charm. Lei had done it once for her and she always think maybe its time to set him free.

“Now get up maam and will be all set”, as she helped the bride to stand.

“You’re the fairest woman in the land right now and don’t let that butterflies in your stomach ruin this moment”, she said.

“Yeah, maybe I’m just being a crybaby”, as she wiped out her tears.

“Charlie! Help us out here!” she call out for her colleague.
“Fixed her make-up and set her to the venue”, she instructed.

“Yes Ice!” as he moved her away from the garden.

Then Ice left alone tried to go near the fountain. She noticed a tear just felt down from her eyes and it drop down to the fountain basin. She look at the water as the ripples tried to settled slowly. She noticed the reflection an tried to read the image when the water sets. “Eternity” as she reads the word. It was a reflection from a billboard just near the place. Then she turn her head up and carefully flash her hair as it bounce back to her shoulders. She post a smile in her cheeks and think of Lei coming home soon bringing her wedding ring.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction insofar as we are all, each and every one of us, including yours truly, and including you (perhaps most of all), works of fiction. Beyond that, it is pure and absolute nonfiction; and though its “author” technically never existed, at least not in the dense, empirical, flesh-and-blood sense, the personages and events herein depicted are drawn straight from life, as it were. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual places, living or dead, while purely coincidental from the point of view of intention, should surprise no one
-Sol Luckman

Rachelle's Remorse

“I should have change the question, If everything was right do I have the chance?”
- Rachelle Milligan

Love is simply it is.
It knows no physical aspect or gender.
It seeks no material or tangible favor.
It doesn’t look for power, fame or fortune.
Love is simply love.

Rachel was just one of the ordinary girls in town, trying the latest trends, going to the coolest bars, chasing the celebrities and hanging around the internet with her virtual friends. She was never a head turner even her high school days were a disaster. She used to be fat during the younger days and thanks to few unhealthy slimming schemes she lost a few inches in her belly. She never had a boyfriend since not because she was ugly but because nobody wanted her. The boys just seems to like her and stick around only as friends. She was just an ordinary girl not until Lucy came.

Lucy Shillington, how could no body know her? She’s pretty, smart and gorgeous. All the teachers seems to like her and everybody wants to be her friend. She’s famous in the campus, she’s a star not until she went to college.

“I always wonder why you have me as friend?” Rachelle ask her while they were watching the stars outside Lucy’s house.

“Because from the very start I always knew you will always be there for me. See that star up there?” as she pointed to the brightest one in the sky. “That’s me…” then a cloud cover the star letting its glow to fade away. “And sitting here below the ground starring at that star is you. You have been always around for me even though I am not a campus celebrity anymore. You’re a true friend…” as she gave her a hug.

“This isn’t right, it should be me who is thanking you… because you saw me when I was invisible.” Rachelle replied as she hug her back.

That night Rachelle felt something odd inside her, she can’t sleep and seems uncomfortable. As she turn to her side she saw Lucy’s face still pretty even though tired. They had made a lot of things earlier that morning and in spite of the stressful day Lucy’s angelic face seems never change. She was innocent and sweet as Rachelle keep looking at her for hours. Lucy had gone through uneasy life after high school, she always had troubles and problems where always her burden. The campus star before had lost its shining and the glorious moments. Everyone she knows had turn there back at her and she had become aloft to everybody but only Rachelle remains loyal at her side.

There days together were never the same after high school. Rachelle went to college in a different University and same as to Lucy. But both of them never lose there communication. They meet at the net or some times go out together. For several years in college Lucy had two more lover which had made her life easy for some time but Rachelle still have none.

The situation even gets worse when they finished college. Rachelle have to moved out of town to work while Lucy remain teaching in their hometown. Although they often see each other, Rachelle still treasures there friendship. She always visit the town on weekends and holidays and she always invite Lucy out with the rest of there old time friends. Rachelle remains the same Lucy becomes indifferent. Lucy had troubles with her family and even her boyfriends seems not helping out. She always have failed relationship and no one last with her. While Rachelle still single, she’s just happy going out with her friends specially with Lucy. She’s contented with their friendship why she never seeks out for another relationship with guys.

Rachelle tried to figure out what’s happening to her. She’s feelings towards Lucy isn’t the same anymore. She’s happy about Lucy and she care about more for her than herself. She wants to see her smile and she wants to caress her troubles away. She’s obsessed with Lucy and everyday she never stop thinking about her. “This isn’t normal!” she said to herself. “No it can’t be!” she added. Rachelle may not admit it but she’s in love with Lucy.

She was even her first kiss. It was just from a game where the losers had to kiss the winner’s will. Lucy lose and there friends asked her to kiss Rachelle in the lips. It was nothing for Lucy and the rest for it was just a game and besides Lucy and Rachelle were best friends so it doesn’t meant anything, its just a kiss for them. But for Rachelle it was different. The moment Lucy’s lips smoothly touch her lips, a shot of adrenaline rush just went straight to her heart keeping it to beat faster than normal. Then she knows that kiss means everything to her. Rachelle’s feeling towards Lucy grew intense but there relationship remains the same.

One day while she was having her overtime at work, she was chatting in the net, she saw Lucy appeared online. First they started chatting casually updating the status of their lives then suddenly it leads to a proposal. Rachelle don’t know what had happened to her, she got excited and at the anxious of the things she’s about to do. Excited at least Lucy had the chance to know what she really feels for her. And anxious because in the conservative society they lived in she knows its hard and different besides she‘s proposing this isn‘t normal for a girl. But the words she’s typing just come out like a bullet in the gun. She had accidentally pulled the trigger.

“Lucy I love you more than a friend.” she typed.

“What? I don’t know what to say and how to react right now. Are you joking?” she replied.

She could have pull it off by answering “Yes, I’m just kidding, so how was that?” but instead she didn’t back out anymore. She felt like this will be her liberation if Lucy knows everything she feels. “No, I’m not kidding, I am seriously in love with you and that is why I will do anything for you”, she press the enter key.

“But Rachelle… you know its wrong?” she answered.

“I would rather be wrong with you than be right without you”, she replied with strong conviction.
“What ever had happen to this conversation, I hope it won’t change the friendship that we had.” she said as departing words.

“Nothing will change Rachelle, will still be friends”, the lie she had to assure. For after the conversation Lucy grew more aloft. Now she’s not only aloft to the group of friends they shared but with Rachelle also.

Months past and everything change. Lucy was avoiding her and now she lost a friend. “You’re great Rachelle! Good job! You had just succeed in sending her away”, she said to herself while locking herself alone in the room. She had always regretted the day she had to do that. She always thought it would be liberating which was indeed liberating but with a high price to pay. “I don’t know whats wrong with what I’ve said? And why is she avoiding me?” she murmured. Then she head to the computer and tried to access the web. She had open all her networking society and keep glancing at Lucy’s pics. She visited Lucy’s pages every now and then hoping to get some message. She checked her email and every link that could connect her to her. She’s been doing this like almost everyday making her look more obsessed. But still she got no response from Lucy. Until she decide to make another move. She open her Face book, Friendster, Myspace and Multiply and posted a new shout out

“I should have change the question, If everything was right do I have the chance?” Hoping that one day when she opened her page she might read this. Still she’s waiting for an answer.

On the other hand, Lucy tried to forget everything that had happen. She had go on with her life and tried to expand her circle of people. She seeks new friendship and joins new group. She busied herself too much from work and tried to do many things at the same time. For once in awhile it makes her forget about Rachelle, it makes her forget to what she had said and to how she had ruin there friendship. Lucy had tried to pursue more suitors yet no relationship would last with her. She’s not happy anymore and the more she loves a guy the more they hurt her. She’s been giving love too much that she don’t know how to love herself anymore. Then she grew tired.

It was fate or destiny that after all the years she had tried to forget Rachelle she still can’t do it. So while surfing the net unconsciously she stumble upon Rachelle’s web page. She scroll down to the photos that where posted which was about them and the fun moments they shared together. Picture after picture Lucy tried to remember how it was good way back then. Until she had stumble to a realization that all this years Rachelle remains the same to her. She had loved her in spite everything she was and she stayed with her through thick and thin. “How could I not noticed?” she said. “She was always there when I need her and even if don’t care about her she’s still there.” Then she saw the post that was in Rachelle’s page and read it aloud. “It was dated February 13, 2005, OMG! Its three years ago already?” she hurriedly tried to move the mouse and click on the reply button. She tried to compose what she wants to say “Rachelle Milligan, Yes! You have a chance. I’m sorry for ignoring you but now I know love is unconditional and you showed me what it means. Can we start all over again?” she click the post button and hope to get a response.

Days past and then weeks turn into months but still Lucy received no response. “She must have decided to forget me, maybe she’s not active in the net anymore or maybe she already have loved someone else”, she said one day. “But I won’t give up! She must know and I will tell her personally”, she mumbled.

She tried to call her old number but it wasn’t working anymore, she tried to visit her parents house but they don’t live there anymore. They just have moved out last year and no one exactly knows about there whereabouts.

In a resto while Lucy was dining with her friends when she saw Rachelle’s officemate passing by near the window. She hurriedly stood up and tried to catch up with her.

“Jane, wait!” she called out for her.

Then Jane stop at the moment she saw Lucy running towards her. “Lucy! Its nice to see you!” she said.

“Same here!” while she was catching for breaths. “Since when have you been back in town?” she asked.

“Will just last week, I’m off for vacation”, she replied.

“Oh good to hear that” she answered. “By the way any news about Rachelle? I just can’t contact her and her family just moved put last year.”

“My goodness! You don’t know the news?” she asked in amusement.

“What news?” Lucy was confused.

“Rachelle just died last year! Accidental pill overdose.” she said with sympathy.

“Oh…” Lucy lost her words and she don’t know what to say. “I was not inform about that.”

“I’m sorry girl… I know its hard, shes your best friend right?” she replied.

Lucy nodded her head while tears starts to flow from her eyes and then she tried to hug Jane. She don’t know what to do. Her world was drained to the news she just have heard and her heart was left in shambles. From that moment she knew there’s nothing left she can do to changed everything, her only choice was to move on. She was too slow and too late. If only she had answered the post earlier, if only she had seen her love earlier, if only she wasn’t avoiding her, ifs and only where the words left in her head.

Now the question is, how long will it take you to answer the post?