Sunday, August 16, 2009

I finally knew him!

…a big kissed in his blue nose and say
“from me to you”

My boss stupidly lost this compact disk (CD) of our customer, he was so worry that he don’t know how to get the same file back. We need to do a mug for this lady and the deadline will be tomorrow. So after all the tiresome search and retrieval thing in the office to find the CD we were left with the last option of downloading the same picture file from the internet. With the least I could offer to help them I volunteer myself to do the searching in the world wide web, then I meet him.

He was this grey stuffed thing with blue nose and patches in his body, he was tatty teddy. I could help but divulge myself to the profile of this wonderful thing. His hand drawn soft illustration was so cuddly and fascinating that it draws me back to my childhood years.

Say it wasn’t the first time I meet tatty teddy. Way back about 7 years ago I have seen him already, I have shake hands with him and even try to cuddle his soft furs. He was a gift by someone to one of my best buddies. But I couldn’t care much about this teddy since nothing was so special with him. He was grey, he was cold and patched. Then few years past this teddy can’t get off my head. I can still picture out his sad look, his grey fur, the patch on his head and the blue nose that he have.

I could not conclude what was something with him that I could not push him out of my mind. Maybe it was pity or infatuation that I always look up to this teddy bear. Until I got to know the story of his life ( Then again I dig deeper to where I could attached this feeling to such toy or object which in some sort I found my answer by making association. I realized somehow I associated this toy too much to the person who have given this to my friend. Maybe the person’s personality reflects to much to tatty teddy. Like tatty teddy the person suffers from abandonment, loneliness and cold. It got cold feet, blue nose and tattering in some aspect of its life. Somehow the person is only waiting for someone to patch up its life and give it love and comfort. Maybe that’s why tatty teddy can’t be push out my head because it means something to me.

I owned a teddy which is soft and cushy yet dirty white with Chinese eyes and somehow I can feel that every teddy a person owned, picks or give reflects its personality. Any ways thanks for inventing teddy bears at least children and children at heart have something to cuddle and hug in place of someone we have in mind. And one thing is certain no one is too young or too old to owned a teddy.

(Sadly my teddy which I named Moimoi was adopted by my friend for I have to leave him for a while. Yet surely I missed my bear)