Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Coffee that you drink

Minutes ago she received a missed call. Then again the phone rang.

"Why are you not picking up that call?", i said with a bit of annoyance from the face.

"Just let him call until he dies reaching me.. I hate what he did!", she said angrily.

9.. 10.. 15 missed calls. We were walking away from the small resto.

I don't know what he have done but i think she was wrong. Communication is another way for a relationship to grow and prosper and yet she is putting a wall on it. I cannot judge her for I'm not in her shoes but i know for sure this is a good way to start a fight. She is sending signals of war.

I cannot resist myself but to ask her.

"Whats wrong with the two of you? what did he do that made you mad?"

With a frown and a snob look she answered, "He ordered me the wrong coffee..."

Monday, August 9, 2010

I walk at Noon

"Yes! Im back from the grave", i admitted.

I have been dead from several months. Lost of interest perhaps? Or creative block? Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, i was never felt.

"Are you coming with me?" Yuan asked.

I was snap back to earth and turn my head. At that moment i removed my glance from the wall.

"Of course! i rather have the walk than to stay here alone", i replied.

Then we walk the streets without minding the heat. Summer is not the good time to stroll especially at noon. Temperature can be so high and it can grill you alive. What do you expect? Middle Eastern country where oil is abundant, dessert and scourging heat of the sun. You can never complain why the sun is so high and the clouds are now where to found. I choose to walk at noon, i choose my own agony and pain, i choose my life.

Monday, June 7, 2010

At the verge of uncertain

Really? I hate it when fate comes to messed up with my little plans. Its that when you have all the things mapped out, then comes a new road. I decided to chose my own destiny and went to chase it. I have been disappointed, failed and forsaken but then do i have to do it again?

Here i go... trying to jump into something more riskier and challenging.

I just wish i fall into something soft and comfy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "Chai" Maker

Chai - It means tea in Hindu and in Arabic language.

I am not such a fan of tea. Except for a few sips of bottled Iced tea or the ones serve in restos, much more i am not an avid hot beverage drinker. But today, as i was relaxing a bit from few customer hassle (our colored printer and photocopier got broke that’s why all i have to do today is refuse to the customers and accept black and white jobs) i realized somebody was calling everyone to gather around the small pantry backside. Yes, Chai is ready! lately, i had never missed a dose of two cups of tea everyday. One from the morning around 10 - 10:30 and second is around 6:30 - 7:30 in the evening, accompanied by some bread, chapati or sambosa. Its the usual routine and its like the day was incomplete if no body can take a dose of Chai.

But today as sip my chai, it made me realized the persona behind the hot beverage I’m drinking everyday, the Chai maker. Luckily we have three persona to thank for. Three persons where each makes distinctive taste to each cup of Chai i sip.

1. If my Chai is less in sugar and made half full from the cup then the maker is Jos. Our all around electrician, driver, technician and sort of know all carpentry and housing needs.

2. If my Chai is less in sugar and almost full (a few centimeter from the cup rim) then i had Kumar to thank for. He is our errand boy, office boy as others may call it or simply the one who does stay at the counter.

3. If my Chai is more on sugar and almost full then gladly our accountant, Nishad, is the Chai maker.

These are the persons responsible for every tea that i drink everyday and sometimes i just forget to thank them for preparing me a cup of hot beverage everyday. Note: i drink pure green tea with few sugar, why i emphasize this? because all of them like their tea with milk.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mother I need Help! (my eyes are different)

I am thankfull for my Optometrist mother who is always around to take good care of our eyes. She scolded us when we read in the dark or while riding in the bus. Or even going near to the television or the computer screens. She always make sure we get to have those vitamins for the eyes and always warn us to take good care of it.

I am not born with those blue eyes or the greens or the hazel colored ones. I have the usual Asian jet black pupil that sometimes looks blank when expressionless. But whats great with my eyes are the perfect 20/20 vision that i have or some one quoted it yesterday 10/10 vision.

But now that i’m away from home and away from my mother’s care i think i realized the importance of her scoldings. i had work on my laptop and always near the screen with out wearing the protection, the barrier my mom handed over before i left.

I feel dizzy and my eyes are weary sometimes, i get hazy visions and the usual morning headaches. Damn! my eyes are getting sick and i need my mother…

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am born to be Annoying

Blood are dripping from my nose and it stains my favorite shirt. I cannot hide this from my mom. I cannot deny what just happened. It was never my fault, i never run away from fights, i make them bruise and yet the truth they punched me first.

"why can't you stay away from danger?", she mumbled as she wipe my face.
"But it wasn't my fault!", i answered back to defend myself.
"I never blame you but for God sake can you be more careful?", with frown in her face.
"But what can i do? they never understand me and worst they get annoyed when i'm around", i said with a whisper.
"Then stay away from them...", she heard what i say.

Its the same as saying stay away from being human.