Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "Chai" Maker

Chai - It means tea in Hindu and in Arabic language.

I am not such a fan of tea. Except for a few sips of bottled Iced tea or the ones serve in restos, much more i am not an avid hot beverage drinker. But today, as i was relaxing a bit from few customer hassle (our colored printer and photocopier got broke that’s why all i have to do today is refuse to the customers and accept black and white jobs) i realized somebody was calling everyone to gather around the small pantry backside. Yes, Chai is ready! lately, i had never missed a dose of two cups of tea everyday. One from the morning around 10 - 10:30 and second is around 6:30 - 7:30 in the evening, accompanied by some bread, chapati or sambosa. Its the usual routine and its like the day was incomplete if no body can take a dose of Chai.

But today as sip my chai, it made me realized the persona behind the hot beverage I’m drinking everyday, the Chai maker. Luckily we have three persona to thank for. Three persons where each makes distinctive taste to each cup of Chai i sip.

1. If my Chai is less in sugar and made half full from the cup then the maker is Jos. Our all around electrician, driver, technician and sort of know all carpentry and housing needs.

2. If my Chai is less in sugar and almost full (a few centimeter from the cup rim) then i had Kumar to thank for. He is our errand boy, office boy as others may call it or simply the one who does stay at the counter.

3. If my Chai is more on sugar and almost full then gladly our accountant, Nishad, is the Chai maker.

These are the persons responsible for every tea that i drink everyday and sometimes i just forget to thank them for preparing me a cup of hot beverage everyday. Note: i drink pure green tea with few sugar, why i emphasize this? because all of them like their tea with milk.