Thursday, April 7, 2011

Losing my Religion

"Nothing can save you!" he blurted.

As if he was perfect, he keeps on preaching words that he have read from the book he called the saving grace. He was so annoying. Insensitive enough not to mind the noise that he had created.

I felt ashamed.

The crowd are all eyes on me. Is this the price i have to pay for being charitable? slowly i walked away from him.

"The end is near! repent and be save!" he shouted.

"You!" as he point those filthy finger across me. "You will not go to heaven unless you turn from your bad deeds!"

Now i am melting. I felt so small and struck by his words. Am i really ashamed? or was i thinking about what he had said, Will i be save?

i ignored him while hiding my face with my handkerchief.

"Are you okey?" a familiar voice came across me. Slowly putting his arms around me and helped me moved away from the crowd.

"Don't mind what his saying. His insane" as we continue walking to a more less crowded place.

"Thank you" a humble word that my mouth can mumble.

After being away from the crowd and that insane beggar on the street my mind was now confuse. Am i really saved?