Friday, September 2, 2011


"I wake up one day and suddenly everything was gone. Everything i had and everything i know was lost. It feels like a dream but i know this is the reality that's left of me"

- Adrian de Castro

Five friends started to booked a flight to Sabah, Malaysia with hopes of touring the South-est part of Asia. They planned to take a venture on the island of Borneo with dreams of discovering something new to themselves. But what have to be a trip for fun and adventure had become a life changing experience to a person, Adrian de Castro.

"Are you sure all is packed?" Selean checked her baggage again.

"Yes! tickets are here, toiletries are sealed and the cameras are fully charged!" Melissa answered like a snappy cadet.

"Hey! did you include canisters of film for my camera?" Adrian added.

"Of course! five rolls of them and we can buy more in Malaysia or wherever we may land if its not enough." Melissa again answered.

"Why are you still on those analog? were in the digital world man! go buy yourself a Nikon DSLR and no need for those hassle films." Jake said.

"The fun and surprise is in the analog... its called lomography anyway. It won't be lomography if its digital!" Adrian explained.

"Drian dear.. Jake won't understand you're passion. His not into the real sense of photography anyway. He just wants to show off even though he had those Nikon DSLR cameras his shooting in automatic mode." Est said while defending Adrian and holding Jake's Nikon D900.

"Enough of that! Will be late for the flight... lets go everyone!" Selean interrupted.

Going to Kota Kinabalu as their first country to embarked was like going to Cebu or Davao only. The flight took not more than two hours and the plane landed.