Monday, January 2, 2012

Old and the Same

What it’s like to spend New Year in the hospital?

I don’t know, it’s gonna be my first time.

Really? Maybe it’s as sad as spending New Year at the office?

I don’t know, maybe it’s much terrible. Imagine all the patients I’m gonna tend?

I think so… New Year alone is much better than having it spent in the hospital.

June looks at the door in front of his desk. The clock seems to move slowly as it’s already 10 in the evening, the night before New Year. It’s another year of loneliness, same old lines, and same old routine. He had been an office worker for a ticketing outlet for 3 years. Spending New Year at the office isn’t a new routine for him. Even though he had been assign to leave the office for a short break for the past 2 years he volunteered to be assigned instead and if not granted he swaps schedules with his officemates.

Why are you still in the office? Not given any breaks for holiday?

I choose not to.

It’s pretty sad to spend New Year’s Eve alone…

I’m used to it.

If I had a choice I would be at home than at the hospital.

I could swap schedules with you then?

Hahaha… funny! You’re not even a Nurse.

Stephanie just graduated her Nursing course a year ago. Just like any other Nursing students she dreamed of being abroad somewhere in U.S. or Europe someday but like all other Nursing students her dreams had to wait for a longer time and she had to suffer the increasing unemployed status like all other graduates of the same course. Luckily she got a Nursing Job in her auntie’s hometown. Small pay but the experience credit is what she’s up for. Somehow it might help fasten the processing period of her papers.

No one wants to spend New Year’s Eve alone.

But I do!

If only I had a choice. You’re lucky to make that choice.

Is it really that sad? Wish I could spend it with you there.

Hahahaha… With your messages it feels like you’re near.

You’re flattering me.

It’s true! It’s nice texting with you.

Same here… the feeling is mutual.

June looks back at the door. One hour and forty five minutes before midnight. The clock seems to tik faster. He then looks back at his phone. Few minutes pass the door went open.

“Go home June… Spend New Year’s Eve with your family.” The man who came in taps his shoulder.
June looks at his wrist watch. Looks back at his mobile phone, slowly gets up and pick up his keys.

“Thanks bro! I shall do it…”
He grabs his things and went straight to the door.

“Happy New Year Mike!” he shouted as he pushed the door open.

“Same here bro!” the man respond with a smile in his face.