Friday, May 31, 2013

Through the Wire

Cable wire suspended in the midair, 4..5..6..? I dunno the exact number. Imagine the height almost high as four or five storey building, underneath are the rumbling stones from a flowing river. You will need to cross about how many meters?  Seems like forever to reach the other end.

I feel like confessing all my sins. If one cable wire snaps would I meet my end? I was never prepared to die in something like this. Worst I was just wearing slippers and it had rained earlier. What do you expect me to do with the camera dangling in my neck? Take a photo of you while were crossing? Can you start caring more of yourself? My God! I still want to live.

On the other side, the river viewed from above looks so nice. Scenic it seems with the hill side and the trees.  It’s always best to commune with nature and challenge the adrenaline inside you feels so great.

“Slowly take few more steps…” the other side called out.

I was half way and I feel I like I’m almost there.

“Ok, for a few seconds here!“ I shouted back. Taking my camera and paused for a while.

“What are you doing?” my companion shouted.

I hold still and pretend I didn't hear them. I lifted the camera slowly to take some shots when suddenly I hear a snap.

Like a thunder it simultaneously snaps. About four or more in a jiffy clap.
Don’t know what to do but closed my eyes, only to wake up in an all white room.

(Inspired form the Monkey Bridge at Catigbian D.A.T.E. Park though rest assured everything is safe there J)